We have extensive experience in designing, delivering and evaluating creative programs and projects. We are motivated to create compelling experiences that are able to attract and sustain new audiences. Our focus is always on inclusivity and creating experiences that provide the public with a unique insight into the creative process. We believe it is important to enable the public to engage with their creative community, to not be intimidated by it and to feel a sense of ownership of it.

Involved from inception, we can help you develop your objectives, criteria and the key performance indicators that will measure the success of your projects. Our closeness to the sector means that we can ensure the delivery of your project in a meaningful way. We understand the specific needs of creative practitioners (as individuals and as an industry), and how these needs must also have synergy with the needs of the greater community. 

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We have strong relationships with a diverse range of artists and designers from newly emerging to established senior practitioners. We are able to assist with locating artists able to work to brief, and to assist with the process of engagement and commissioning.

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We work with curators and artists to assist with exhibition design and display concept development. We have a wealth of experience in the design and fabrication of exhibition display systems, and can talk you through the options best suited to your project and budget, ensuring your work is professionally represented. 

We specialise in the design and fabrication of plinths, vitrines, object mounts, floating display units and temporary walls. We can provide technical assistance with Audio/Visual and outdoor/public artwork rigging. 

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We install artwork on large and small scales, in both commercial and domestic environments. We are able to provide and coordinate a team of professional installers (managed by the Principal) for large scale exhibitions (or events/festivals). For domestic hangs, the Principal will ensure that your collection is presented in a way that optimises the enjoyment of your valued artworks in your home. We believe the process of curating your personal art collection should be an enjoyable experience! 

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Whether you are throwing a one-off event, or need to coordinate a program of activities to accompany an exhibition or festival, we will ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish, and that you are able to focus on the creative aspects (or just having fun!). We can assist with securing venue(s), negotiating with suppliers and contractors, staffing, arranging appropriate permits, licenses and insurances. 

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